39th Annual Community Service Awards

Nominate an outstanding Volunteer in your community

March 20, 2015

 2014 Nominees

 Volunteers participate in many forms, this includes volunteering independently and/or in groups. While some apply their professional skills to serve the community, others use their corporate manpower to assist in large scale volunteer events. However, we can all agree that volunteers are driven by their desire to give back to their communities. So, if you know an individual, group, and/or corporation that embodies the spirit of a true volunteer, please consider submitting an nomination application to honor their hard work. 


The Volunteer Center, a service of United Way Monterey County, offers organizations the opportunity to honor volunteers who have made significant contributions through the 39th Annual Community Service Awards (CSA).  The CSA recognizes volunteers who have made significant contributions to our community through service over the last year.  Each nominee will be honored at our Community Service Awards reception on Thursday, April 23, 2015.

A group or individual can be nominated for each category.  An organization can submit multiple nominations, however, only one nomination per category.  This year’s categories include:

a. Education: Volunteer(s) who dedicate their time to supporting people to succeed in their educational aspirations or help provide enriching educational experiences. (e.g. in/after-school tutor or mentor, adult literacy tutor, coordinating a homework help program, specialty workshops, etc.)

b. Income: Volunteer(s) who dedicate their time to increasing the financial stability of our community. (e.g. job or financial coaching, volunteer tax preparation, increasing financial support for community organizations/schools, etc.)

c. Health: Volunteer(s) who dedicate their time to supporting people to access health services and live healthfully (e.g. coaching sports teams, delivery meals to the homebound, providing transportation to doctor’s appointment, responding to crisis situations, providing language interpretation, etc.)

d. Other: Volunteer(s) who dedicate their time to services in culture and arts, or environmental and animal advocacy.


Each nominee will be judged by a group of community members based on the following criteria.

      a. NEED -- Nominee’s service contributes to a need in the community.

      b.  ACTIONWays in which the nominee actively participated in service initiative, not a figurehead

      c.  INITIATIVE -- Nominee started new programs or initiated activities to address a need in the Agency or community.

      d.  ACHIEVEMENT -- Nominee accomplished or exceeded desired results.

      e.  IMPACT -- Activity or service produced positive changes or results.

      f.  TIME -- Amount of time the nominee devoted to service was significant.


Nominations may be submitted by a business, public agency, school, non-profit or faith-based organization.  Only one nomination per category is allowed by a single organization.  There is a nomination fee to help cover the recognition costs. The nomination fee provides each nominee with an invite to our CSA awards reception in April, a gift, framed picture / certificate of achievement and official recognition from local elective officials. The cost for each individual nomination is $30, a group nomination is $35 and a group nomination of 5 or more people is $40.


Deadline  March 20, 2015

** Please note that you will have to upload a high digital photo (minimum 200 pixels per inch) must be submitted of your nominee at the time of the application completion. ** 

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